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Snow at Bothal Weir

River Wansbeck at Bothal Weir After more overnight snow we walked to the River Wansbeck at Bothal Weir. The temperature was still below freezing in the valley and there were large icicles hanging from the rock-face on the south side of the weir. Below are two photos of the weir taken from the riverside path. […]

River Wansbeck at Morpeth

Reflections in the River Wansbeck at Morpeth We visited Morpeth to have a small job done on our car and instead of waiting we walked into the town and along the River Wansbeck through Carlisle Park. We took this photo of St. Georges Church reflecting in the river above the weir, where a Heron was […]

River Wansbeck – Ashington

Black Bridge – River Wansbeck Photo of the railway bridge, known locally as the Black Bridge, this is a steel viaduct spanning the River Wansbeck between North Seaton Station, Ashington and West Sleekburn. The bridge carries very little traffic at the moment but once carried large numbers of coal trains as well as passenger trains […]

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